210-757-3383  /  4963 Stahl Rd Ste 106 San Antonio Tx 78217


1. Where is Jumping Monkeys Located? Jumping Monkeys is located in front of Madison High School @ 4963 Stahl Rd Suite 106 San Antonio Tx 78217

2.  How do I book a party? A party can be booked by calling 210-757-3383 and checking for availability.  You can also come by and check out our facility at any time we are open. It is always recommended you call in advance to make sure someone is at the facility.

3. How often are the inflatables cleaned? The inflatables are cleaned after each party to ensure that they are always ready for the next party. We use a specific solution that is safe for all children, but strong enough to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other germs.

4.  Do I need socks to jump on the inflatables? Anyone that will be getting on the inflatables will need to wear socks for sanitary and safety purposes. Socks are available for purchase.

5.  Can I bring outside food to our party? Yes, you can bring outside food for adults and children. We also offer packages with food included for children. You are also welcomed to purchase the food for adults as well. Outside food must be approved.  Please call 210-757-3383

6.  Can I bring my own pinata? Of course! We are set up for a pinata.  There will be various safety measure taken while hitting the pinata to protect all the children.

7. Can I bring in outside drinks for our party? Yes, you may bring outside drinks. Drinks are also available to be purchased in our facility. We offer sodas or juices upon request. No glass or alcohol is permitted on the premises.

8.  What services are provided for each party? Each birthday party will have a specialized party crew that will be in charge of set up, clean up.  Foam cups, paper plates, napkins, and silverware is provided as well

9. Can I drop off my children at Jumping Monkeys? 
All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

10. What is the age limit?  We are flexible with age although we do suggest that the inflatable be used by the children from 13yrs of age and under.  Parents are welcome to join their little ones just be mindful of other children in the jumpers.

11. What time is my party over? Your party will start and finish promptly at the time agreed upon.  The reason this is done is to ensure that the facility will be clean and ready for the next party.  As a guest, you will appreciate the fact that the facility is ready for your party.

12.  Will I ever share the facility with another party? Absolutely not! The facility is strictly reserved for the party who reserved it.