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Here is a little about us...

Jumping Monkeys is a company founded in 2016 by Roberto Jimenez and Mariana Alvarez. We are highly dedicated to help you have the perfect indoor venue for the party that you are planning to have. We can provide you a venue that offers a sense of privacy and of course, full of fun. We also host and service children’s birthday party. We know just the best way to make your child’s birthday extra special and something that they would surely be thankful for.

Book with us in advance and we assure you that our place would be highly available during your child’s big day. We also offer complete packages, from the table covers, decorations, clean up, foods, drinks, light show, music and even a party hostess. We would also be ensuring that all of your guests would be properly served and welcome. With that, there is nothing for you to worry about. You can just focus on seeing your child smile from cheek to cheek as he/she plays with his/her friends. It would surely be something that your child would never forget.

Apart from parties, we also have the perfect place for your children to have fun to the fullest. We offer open play at a budget friendly price. Playing here in the venue that we have prepared for them would not only make them sweat but would also help develop their social skills as they can play with other children and meet new friends. Your kids would surely not be bored here. We even accept group playdates and rest assured that we can meet all of your needs. To get to know more about our services including our packages, just call 210-757-3383 or you may visit us at 4963 Stahl Rd Suite 106 San Antonio Tx 78217.Type your paragraph here.